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By Alice Matimba, Monica Abrudan, and Dusanka Nikolic

This article was first published on the Wellcome Connecting Science website.

In October, the Wellcome Connecting Science (WCS) Learning and Training team and the Centre for Genomic Pathogen Surveillance, Big Data Institute, University of Oxford, collaborated on the first of three capacity building courses, designed to strengthen the network of skilled pathogen genomics trainers across the UK.

‘How to design and deliver pathogen genomics training for health and research professionals’ kicked off this series of in-person T3Connect workshops, funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Hosted by WCS at the Hinxton Hall Conference Centre, on the Wellcome Genome Campus, this interactive training opportunity fostered knowledge exchange and networking in purpose-built learning spaces, against the backdrop of research excellence that is present across the Campus.

Why is capacity building training in the UK necessary?

Propelled by the recognised importance of infectious diseases monitoring and management for public health, changes in research and practice also demand an increase in specific skills from the workforce.

To keep pace with this change, it is necessary for leading scientists working across microbiological disciplines to share their expertise and skills with their peers, to strengthen teams, build capacity, and develop active networks, collectively advancing the implementation of genomic surveillance.

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